Making Wellington a better place to live and work by improving our roads, transport and council decision making.

Achieving balanced transport investment incorporating best designs and open, honest consultation. In particular:

  • Commence construction of the second Mt Victoria tunnel, with superior walking & cycling facilities and fit-for-purpose traffic lanes.
  • Implement the agreed grade-separated Basin Reserve road configuration (no long flyover) and resolve traffic congestion on this part of State Highway 1 and in the local area for car-commuters, goods transport and business traffic while improving access for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Design, consent and secure funding to begin construction of the agreed single spine-route mass transit service between the Wellington Railway Station and the airport/Miramar, via CBD, Te Aro, Newtown and Kilbirnie to provide a game-changing improvement in public transport speed, reliability, accessibility and sustainability for airport travellers and residents of Wellington’s eastern and inner southern suburbs.
  • Complete the Great Harbour Way and other cycling routes utilising best-practice design and effective local consultation to ensure new facilities are safe and fit for purpose.
  • Assist and cajole the Greater Wellington Regional Council to address the myriad deficiencies in their new (2018) public transport network so that Wellington city can once again enjoy a fit-for purpose bus network.
  • Encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport while recognising the transport needs of businesses and acknowledging that, for many Wellingtonians, the car is the mode of choice or necessity.

Working collaboratively with residents, businesses, councillors and council employees to ensure that ratepayer and central government funds are spent wisely for the benefit of all Wellingtonians.

Displaying honesty, integrity, trust, fairness and sound judgement in all matters.

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